Advantages of Canadian-made Furniture

Since you’re here reading this piece, then you need more information on Canadian-made furniture before making a purchase. Our years of experience in the furniture business qualifies us to share the advantages of shopping for local solid wood made in Canada. Let’s bring you up to speed; shall we?

High-quality Furniture

Shall we begin by mentioning that while you may be lured to buy imported furniture, a high percentage of the cost doesn't involve production? The manufacturers spend a fortune on packaging, stocking, shipping, and expenditure for damaged products. Though the cost of labor and production materials for imported furniture might be lower, the additional expenses make locally-made brands less expensive.

On the other hand, a high percentage of Canadian-made furniture costs go into craftsmanship and high-quality timber which makes them relatively affordable. Also, imported brands are majorly concerned about mass production and bulk shipping across states. In most instances, we get partly-bolted furniture instead of fully assembled ones. Whereas, Canadian-made furniture is crafted with mortise and tenon creating fine pieces.

Durable Wood Furniture Made in Canada

Everyday furniture consumers may not be familiar with the production materials used in creating imported furniture. As experts, we've realized imported furniture comes in particleboard and veneers replacing solid wood. In some cases when furniture made from solid wood is imported, they still have to acclimatize with the dry winter and hot humid summer seasons. Except these products are designed for Canadians, they could crack or warp.

It's no fuss, imported furniture often has a history of cracking and warping in Canada. If you can, take time to compare the texture and beauty of solid wood in comparison with plastic-looking veneer. In addition to the wood comparison, purchasing locally-made Canadian furniture allows you a quicker response time to complaints after purchase. You could easily expect your furniture after a few days unlike having to deal with logistics abroad.

Getting Customized Furniture Pieces

Aside from the fact that Canada is home to a wide variety of solid wood, you can also get customized-made furniture here. Going for high-quality furniture means you intend to keep them much longer in your home or office space. This means each piece has to be well-crafted to suit your style and interior design theme. Most imported furniture comes in mass production designs which may not represent your style as much as you wish.

However, going for locally-made Canadian furniture helps you to achieve the degree of customization intended for your furniture pieces. Canadian-made furniture brands partner with highly skilled furniture craftsmen to help bring the ideas of consumers to reality. Investing in Canadian-made furniture allows you to achieve your intended customization on the product to the last detail which might be impossible with imported brands.

Environment-friendly Furniture Products

As mentioned earlier, most imported furniture products are not designed to withstand the harsh weather in this part of the world. Alternatively, they also aren't as environmentally friendly as locally made furniture in Canada. Locally manufactured furniture is crafted using Canada woods which are eco-friendly materials. Check out a few of them;

  • Finest harvests of oak, cherry, and maple
  • Organic cotton fabrics
  • 100% solid wood with zero veneers, synthetic glue, or particleboard

The Canadian government also supports the production of eco-friendly materials which makes them completely legal. More importantly, the government now enforces stricter laws on logging in the country compared to other countries. You'd also have to bear the risks of shipping from other countries since you'd be subjecting the furniture to logistics damage due to various transportation chains.

Excessive transportation today we’d agree is one of the major causes of global warming. So, in the little way you can, support the course by purchasing locally made furniture. Buying local furniture made in Canada would help you contribute to the awareness of eco-friendly products in Canada. You’d also get a piece of furniture in the process.

Supporting the Local Economy

About 97% of Canada’s furniture industry is owned by locals (Citizens and permanent residents}. The majority of these brands are small, medium-scaled, or family-owned businesses.  So when you buy local, you’re somewhat contributing to the Canadian economy in the little way you can. Most importantly, buying locally made furniture enables you to contribute to the families and workers of Canadian-made furniture manufacturers.

With COVID, Canadian-made manufacturers have gotten a lot busier than they used to be. Apparently, Canadians now value the importance of buying local furniture products which in turn supports the economy, local craftsmen, and businesses.

Better Community

Purchasing locally-made furniture in Canada also strengthens the communism between buyers and manufacturers. Since these businesses are majorly owned by Canadian families, the products and purchases have helped to create bonds of friendship and communism that have lasted for years. In the long run, you build trust, friendship, and partnership with your local furniture brand and business owners.

With these achieved over time, customers can now trust that their furniture needs are in perfect hands. This benefit also comes with an improved and personalized customer service experience which can never be seen with imported manufacturers. Now you understand why Canadian furniture is always in style; because they are fully custom-made products. Your furniture piece can range between classic and modern style to fit your space perfectly.

Buy Furniture Made in Canada Today!

In a nutshell, you get better value and superior quality furniture when you buy Canada-made furniture. While at it, your money also helps in contributing to the economy, environment, and Canadian-owned family businesses.

At New Furniture Gallery, we provide you with quality furniture while making them elegant and well-crafted to suit your style and interior design. Visit our online gallery or showroom offices today for your superb quality, fully customized, and durable wood furniture.