Euro Top Mattress

Made in Canada

Size: King
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With its special design and incredible support and feel, the Euro-top mattress delivers a great night's sleep. This Canadian-made mattress has a medium-hard & soft feel and a quilted panel to provide you with the optimal comfort level while providing support to your body and relieving pressure points.
  • 9" Mattress with premium foam
  • Spring Mattress with quilted top
  • Non Allergic, Modern Plush Fabric with Soft Touch
  • Good For Back
  • Ideal For every age
  • 312 Bond Coil

Euro Top Mattress:

Are you looking Mattresses shop online and looking for an extremely comfortable and long-lasting mattress at an affordable price? If yes, then your hunt for the best mattress for your home ends here. With an exceptional design and supreme comfort, Euro top mattresses are available in King size, Queen size, or Full-size mattresses and our Euro Top Mattress is one of the most-desired mattresses by customers. Manufactured using modern technology and top-notch materials, this Canadian-made mattress is known to offer excellent good night’s sleep. 

With a medium-soft & hard feel, these mattresses are engineered to offer extreme comfort levels. A quilted top panel is added to add a plushy texture to the upper surface of the mattress. During the manufacturing process, several quality checks and comfort tests are performed on these best mattresses. We understand the significance of good quality sleep after a long, tedious day at work. For this reason, we only offer mattresses Ontario that meet the assured quality standards.


Here are some of the prominent features of Euro Top Mattress that make it a perfect choice.

  • 9” Mattress With Premium Foam
  • With a standard thickness of 9 inches, this mattress sale is all you need to get a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, the mattresses are filled with premium quality foam, which is not only tremendously comfortable but also durable. Thus, you don’t have to compromise with your sleep anymore by sleeping on discomforting mattresses.

  • Spring Mattress With Quilted Top
  • To provide the best possible sleeping experience, this mattress sale Canada is manufactured using top-notch quality springs. This allows these mattresses to easily adjust according to the different weights and sizes of people. Furthermore, the quilted top adds softness and a comforting feel to the mattress.

  • Non-Allergic, Modern Plush Fabric With Soft Touch
  • Mattress mite and dust are the two main causes of an allergic reaction while sleeping. Thus, these Canadian-made mattresses have been manufactured using a non-allergic modern plush fabric. This fabric not only protects you from allergies but also offers a soft and comforting texture to these mattresses.

  • Good For Back
  • The inability of the mattress to harmonize with an uneven weight distribution of the body can cause backache. As our back is constantly being used to perform different physical activities, it needs proper relaxation. Thus, we have designed and tested the Euro Top Mattress to prevent back problems while alleviating back pain.

  • Ideal For Every Age
  • Buying a suitable mattress for people of different age groups can be tiresome and expensive. Therefore, our manufacturing teams have fabricated these incredible mattresses, which are ideal for every age. So you’ll not only be saving a lot of money but also time and hard work.

  • 312 Bond Coil
  • To ensure longer shelf-life and better comfort, Euro Top Mattress is manufactured using 312 bond coils. Apart from increasing longevity, these coils also allow the Best mattresses to perfectly adjust according to your body shape and size.


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